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Spider Vein Treatment Cream Repair Vari-K Spider, Vericose Veins and Bruises

Spider Vein Treatment Cream Repair Vari-K Spider, Vericose Veins and Bruises
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  • Helps Repair Vein Walls
  • Aids in Fading Vericose and Spider Veins
  • Contains 2% Vitamin K
  • Advanced Treatment for Heathier Skin
  • Active Ingredients go deep into the skin to help treat quickly


A solid spider vein cream with Vitamin K  that helps treat spider veins, bruises and rosacea on any area of the body. It helps fix weak areas in the veins and helps stop the bleeding, causing the spider vein to vanish.Using emu oil as a carrier oil to guide the active ingredients deeper into body tissue cause better results faster. It contains 2% Vitamin K, 5% Phtotonine, Hylauronic Acid,  Aloe Butter and Jojoba Oil just to name a few key ingredients.Vari-K is naturally based and helps heal damaged vein walls. This often occurs because of vein dysfunction where the blood travels the wrong way in the vein. Once the vein wall tears the blood slowly trickles out giving that purplish appearance.StriMedix-K will repair the vein wall and help the body absorb that extra blood. It helps fix broken, bleeding or leaking veins and deep bruises.
2fl oz

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Customer Reviews
Rating Spider Vein Cream that works
I started using this Spider Vein cream about a month ago, it is working really well. My spider veins are going away. I would definetly recommend this.
Reviewed by: from Pittsburgh PA. on 7/31/2013