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100% Jojoba Oil Moisturizer for Skin, Hair and Face 4 oz bottle

100% Jojoba Oil  Moisturizer for Skin, Hair and Face 4 oz bottle
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Jojoba oil is a naturally-derived deep healing emollient and moisturizer with healthy skin properties.  Jojoba oil has many cosmetic uses.  Jojoba oil is an excellent moisturizer to soften the skin, providing all day moisturizing and protection from every-day harsh elements.  It is easily absorbed by the skin, and does not leave behind a greasy/ oily residue.

Jojoba oil is also used as a great moisturizer for the scalp and hair. Pure, organic, 100% Jojoba oil deep conditions while healing the scalp and hair and promoting hair growth! Removing product build up from the hair and scalp while deep moisturizing to promote healthy hair. Great for problematic dandruff suffers.  It also is an excellent, healthy substitute for mineral oil for black and African American hair growth!

Jojoba oil may also be very effective in treating stubborn blemishes and acne because it does not block and clog the pores while balancing the skin.  It also has been helpful in killing certain bacteria’s  that may cause skin breakouts.

For Hair

Promotes healthy scalp and hair growth while deep moisturizing

Cleanse and irrigates scalp pores preventing dandruff

Removes product build up from root of hair

Excellent, healthy substitute for mineral oil for African American Hair

For Body

Provides all day moisturizing

Deep heals

Protects from everyday harmful elements

Pure and Organic

For Face

Wont clog Pores

Kills bacteria’s that cause breakouts

No greasy residue
4 fl oz bottle Long Lasting

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