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CapiDerm Rx Spider Veins Treatment Cream Concentrated with Vitamin K

CapiDerm Rx Spider Veins Treatment Cream Concentrated with Vitamin K
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Spider veins appear like spider webs and threads that are present closer to the surface of the skin, unlike varicose veins. Also, they can cover a large area of the skin, or a small area. These veins can be unsightly and embarrasing.
CapiDerm Rx® -is a proprietary blend of professional strength Vitamin K spider veins treatment cream Used to accelerate the process of healing and to reduce scarring of Spider Veins. Advanced strength spider veins treatment CapiDerm Rx® aids in the removal of spider veins, bruises and helps to restore capillary and vessel wall structure.  3% Vitamin K formula combined with Phytotonine® improves vein wall and capillary health. CapiDerm Rx® helps strengthens veins, improve valve health and reduce the appearance of spider veins. 
Finally, a natural remedy for spider veins.
  2 oz Bottle

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Customer Reviews
Rating Spider Vein cream for my face HIghly Recommended
I have been using this spider vein cream to get rid of the small spider veins on my cheeks and nose and it has been helping to get rid of them.They are not as noticable. I will keep using this product. Highly Recommended
Reviewed by: from Waukesha, Wisconsin. on 7/31/2013